Deviant Perfume Collection-LOVELY LINDEN
Deviant Perfume Collection-LOVELY LINDEN
Arcadian Winds Beauty

Deviant Perfume Collection-LOVELY LINDEN

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Arcadian Winds Beauty's Deviant Perfumes Collection is a symphony of scents you won't encounter while walking the beaten path. More of an intimate scent to be enjoyed by you and those close to you, these artisan perfumes will never enter a room before you or linger after you've left. Made in small batches with a myriad of gorgeous precious materials, you are sure to find your signature scent. 

Lovely Linden is a floral lovers dream scent! Celebrate warmer months with the joyous scent of fresh bloomed linden blossoms. Tiny but incredibly mighty, linden flowers are a gorgeous perfume all on their own. Sweet and addictive, they fill the summer air with their intoxicating aroma. Linden is featured in this joy filled perfume, along with several other complimentary florals. Warm musk playfully stirs with creamy natural Tonka Bean absolute for a flirty, feminine floral that's sure to summon the summer sun! 

**Also available in a Solid Perfume, an option for those who prefer a more subtle scent experience. Housed in a beautiful hand painted cameo owl locket, this fragrance can be worn as a necklace or kept in a purse or pocket for convenient re-application throughout the day**


Ethanol, T-butyl alcohol, fragrance.

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