Before All Else: Pre-Cleansing Emulsifying Oil
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Before All Else: Pre-Cleansing Emulsifying Oil

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If you haven’t tried a pre-cleansing oil yet, you simply must! Clean skin is like the canvas to a work of art. It must be prepped and primed before a stitch of paint touches the canvas. A lumpy, poorly stretched canvas already guarantees the painting will suffer. Professional skin therapists have used the double cleansing method for many years to ensure absolute removal of all makeup, SPFs, dirt and surface debris. 

Like attracts like. Since most all of our topical cosmetics are oil based, an effective oil cleanser will completely melt away all oil based formulas. Once the skin is free of any debris, your everyday cleanser will then work that much harder. Now your face wash, freed up from having to remove all the gunk, can actually thoroughly cleanse the skin, getting down deep to the pores. 

Breakouts will minimize and little lumps and bumps will disappear once no trapped dirt remains on the skin. Cleansing oil truly is a game changer, and also the catalyst to the efficacy of all your other skincare products. 

Before all Else used natural oils high in Linoleic Acid to break down and emulsify all surface debris. All skin types benefit from this formula and will appreciate its ability to rinse clean after the emulsification process.  Naturally scented with pure essential oils of refreshing and toning lavender, bergamont and heavenly sage, this emulsifying oil will kick your cleansing routine into high gear!

Directions: Apply 4-5 pumps of concentrated oil to clean, DRY hands onto a DRY face. Allow the concentrated formula to break down all makeup and dirt by gently massaging product into skin using small circles, including gently swirling around the delicate eye area to remove mascara. Incorporate a dollop of water to the face and continue to massage and you will notice a milky consistency appear as you emulsify the formula with water. Massage with water for an additional minute, concentrating on areas of congestion. Towel off or rinse thoroughly to remove. As always with cleansing oils, follow with your daily face wash as your second cleanse. 

Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Polysorbate 60, Hazelnut Oil, Marula Kernel Oil, Tetradecane, Castor Oil, Essential Oil Blend,Sorbitan oleate.
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So wonderful, and a bottle lasts forever

I have looked at my face with a magnifying mirror after washing my face and still could see makeup on my skin! I use this oil to gently remove the all-day foundation and waterproof mascara that I use daily. I massage one pump onto my face and then a quarter-pump for my eyelashes. I use tissue to wipe away the mascara and then a cleansing soap to clean away the oil and makeup. When I look at my face in the same magnifying mirror - it is so clean and soft. For Halloween, I use stage-quality grease paint and professional pressed pigments for my clown costume. I used this oil and was able to remove all of the make up in around 10 minutes. Last year, without this product, I spent over 30 minutes violently scrubbing to get my face clean. I cannot say enough good things about this emulsifying oil.

Traci M.
United States United States
Love this oil

This oil smells amazing! And it is not heavy or greasy - it's really light and does a great job of pre-cleansing my skin.

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