Artisan Solid Perfume
Artisan Solid Perfume
Arcadian Winds Beauty

Artisan Solid Perfume

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Scent is our most powerful sense. It has the ability to elicit memories of long ago and effect our mood. Fragrance can make you feel the way you want to feel or validate the way you are feeling. Scent is a personal accessory that is as unique and meaningful as a sassy pair of shoes or fierce handbag. It is a reflection of you, your signature, something you will be remembered for.

Arcadian Winds Beauty's Deviant Perfumes Collection is a symphony of scents you won't encounter while walking the beaten path. More of an intimate scent to be enjoyed by you and those close to you, these artisan perfumes will never enter a room before you or linger after you've left. Made in small batches with a myriad of gorgeous materials, you are sure to find your signature scent. 

The solid perfume is contained in an antiqued locket under the watchful eye of a beautifully hand painted owl cameo. He is strong and stoic, a keeper of wishes symbolizing wisdom and femininity. Small enough to take on the go in a pocket or purse for easy reapplication throughout the day, or to wear as a necklace statement piece. 

                                                    Scent Options

Midnight Orris: Orris is one of the most precious materials on earth and offers a sophisticated presence that is indescribable. Mysterious and slightly floral, Midnight Orris features it's namesake, an extract from rhizomes of the iris plant along with a hint of violet wrapped in a warm sweet base. 

Sensuous Woods: For the dreamers and thinkers. Nothing grounds the spirit and mind quite like being enveloped in earth notes. Take a walk through the sensuous woods, a lush forest after a rain where crisp woods mingle with powdery mosses. A dash of sweet rose peeks through the forest from a nearby garden. A unisex fragrance with a touch of magic. 

Ginger and Tonic: This one is sure to lift the spirits! Juicy citrus joyfully dances with fresh cut ginger for light and vibrant opening. Sweet gives way to sultry as a warm vanilla amber base gives this fragrance a lovely, slightly naughty base.

Fragrance, ethanol, t-butyl alcohol, polyglycerol-3 beeswax, myrica pubescens (laurel) fruit wax, caprylic/capric triglycerides, punica granatum (pomegranate) sterols, ethylhexyl olivate.

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