Lisa BovaHello and welcome into the serene and beautiful world of Arcadian Winds Beauty, a comfortable space where nature, knowledge, and skincare collide. I’m Lisa, and I thank you for visiting. Being a practiced and licensed esthetician since 2005 with experience in the retail cosmetics industry since 2002, I can safely say I know skin. As a 6 year owner and operator of an esthetics practice, I worked on hundreds of faces during this time, each with their own unique beauty and skin concerns. I have realized that we universally share these concerns, along with the desire for beautiful, healthy skin.

I transitioned from service provider to small batch handcrafter in 2016 and very much enjoy the creativity and challenge this allows. I have taken all my knowledge and esthetic experience and poured it into creating products that I wanted for myself but just couldn’t find without breaking the bank. I've taken all the elements that I adore from professional skin care lines I've retailed over the years in my practice such as texture, standout ingredients and finish, and have incorporated those elements into my products at fair prices.  I believe beautiful skin can and should be attained by everyone.

Arcadian Winds Beauty is Small Batch Luxury Skincare that is affordable.  It is luxury in the array of effective and sophisticated ingredients utilized to create these products.  I urge everyone to inspect the tell tale sign of high end skincare--it's label.  You will find a myriad of hard working and high end materials from top to bottom on Arcadian Winds Beauty's labels.  Hyaluronic acid, orange stem cells, silk amino acids and a whole host of other powerful and technologically advanced age delaying ingredients target many skin concerns and are used in high concentrations. Combining these heavy hitters with a gorgeous textural and scent experience will make clear the luxury element in these products.  Eliminating things like artificial colors, parabens, artificial fragrance and other baddies combined with the brand's minimal approach to packaging makes this the perfect line for eco and health conscious beauty lovers.

I am very excited to once again share my knowledge and passion for beauty with others using this website as my catalyst. I live and handcraft in the free spirited city of Denver. I am inspired daily by the majestic beauty of Colorado and consider it my own personal Arcadia. Spruces and pines, wildflowers and sage stir up my senses and provide me with endless visions of the experience I want to convey through my products. My portfolio of products is constantly growing as I’m continuously dreaming up and working on new ideas. Check out my Blog and YouTube videos for product launches and all things skin.  And don't forget to subscribe the newsletter, where there are offers and specials exclusive to subscribers!