Artisan Solid Perfume-ALENA
Arcadian Winds Beauty

Artisan Solid Perfume-ALENA

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While nature is often the inspiration for my fragrances, every now and then a very special person becomes the muse.  Sometimes hearts hear each other despite time and space. ALENA embodies creative passions with a rich base of patchouli, amber and subtle wood notes. Featuring Organic Bulgarian Rose Absolute along side roses of the Egyptian and Moroccan variety as well. Hints of jasmine and iris blossom underneath a bright bergamot top. ALENA is the scent of an artist's spirt, unbridled. 

The artisan solid perfumes are perfect for anyone looking for a more subtle scent experience. Silky and soft, this formula is alcohol-free and can be applied to pulse points or clothing throughout the day. Great for travel, gifting, and an excellent way to dip a toe into perfume without fear of over doing it. 

Each solid perfume is housed in a gorgeous antiqued locket with a hand painted owl cameo watching over. The locket is easily portable and can be worn as a necklace, tucked in a purse or kept on your person for super easy access and reapplication. 

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