1oz Eau De Parfum-ALENA
Arcadian Winds Beauty

1oz Eau De Parfum-ALENA

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Arcadian Winds Beauty's Deviant Perfumes Collection is a symphony of scents you won't encounter while walking the beaten path. More of an intimate scent to be enjoyed by you and those close to you, these artisan perfumes will never enter a room before you or linger after you've left. Made in small batches with a myriad of gorgeous precious materials, you are sure to find your signature scent. 

While nature is often the inspiration for my fragrances, every now and then a very special person becomes the muse.  Sometimes hearts hear each other despite time and space. ALENA embodies creative passions with a rich base of patchouli, amber and subtle wood notes. Featuring Organic Bulgarian Rose Absolute along side roses of the Egyptian and Moroccan variety as well. Hints of jasmine and iris blossom underneath a bright bergamot top. ALENA is the scent of an artist's spirt, unbridled. 

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