Vacation Skin: How to lessen the Blow

Lisa Bova

I always begin my vacations with good intentions. I pledge to remain on my routine eating schedule and limit my indulges. This plan usually fails within the first 2 hours of landing at my destination. I don't know what it is about vacation that brings out the little devil in me that screams "Yolo, beiotch, the chocolate awaits". Needless to say, after a few days my skin and my bathroom habits reflect this newfound "Carpe Diem" attitude. It's bound to happen as I'm just not one to deny myself anything while on vacation. So between the food, the change in climate, the change in environment and sleep patterns, my skin is pretty much doomed.

Hopefully you are not sticking to your diet or limiting alcohol consumption during vacay, cause #you'redoingitwrong, so expect a breakout or two from this alone. That being said, there are a few things that can be done on vacation to keep skin in somewhat decent shape while still enjoying yourself.

  • Drink tons of water regardless of climate. This will keep all the baddies in the guts moving and hopefully prevent the irregular and sometimes painful potty visits caused by splurge foods. Irregularities in the large intestine commonly manifests itself in forehead breakouts, specifically the area in between the eyebrows especially if late night eating occurs.
  • Keep up with your skincare routine. Pack up your everyday products in travel containers or grab a travel pack from Arcadian Winds Beauty. You never know what kind of products the hotel may carry, and the last thing you need is a skin allergy or dermatitis while away. Certain products can be omitted for the sake of travel like eye creams and retinol (sun exposure), but be certain to bring your usual facial SPF. Choosing a random SPF for the face can be risky, as chemical formulas can result in awful reactions. SPF for body, however, can be purchased once you reach your destination.
  • Along with SPF always pack a sun hat. Even if you don't wear these in real life, I suspect most of us aren't traveling to Minnesota for vacation where the UV index is lower than areas more South. In destinations with lots of sunshine sun hats should be worn at all times and at beaches especially, as their reflective nature can do a lot of damage in short amount of time. Nothing is a bigger buzzkill on a vacation than a bad, unexpected sunburn on an overcast day.
  • Be mindful of the climate of your destination and also the conditions in your lodging area. Humid cities might require A/C to run constantly leaving your skin damp while outdoors but dry while in. This might require light hydration during the day and a bit more at night. If you are traveling to a dry climate from a humid one, you might want to consider packing your winter skin care arsenal that is a bit more hydrating.
  • If you return home and notice breakouts, apply a clay detoxifying facial mask. Clay-based (bentonite) masks are a great way to expedite the clearing of any breakout that may occur during the trip. If you find your skin is dry and thirsty due to air travel and temperature fluctuations, try a hydrating mask instead.
  • Try not to stress. There's a lot that has to be planned before going away, and if these details are rushed through, our minds can wander while we are trying to relax. We can worry about what we might be missing at work, the kids, the dogs and hoping we left all the outdoor lights on. I'm a wreck about this stuff so my husband finally got us a cheap home camera that we turn on while away. This puts me at such ease, that I consider it a great purchase.

The good news is that your skin will be right back to it's gorgeousness once your body gets back on track with your daily routines. The important thing is that you have a blast! Enjoy the time away don't let a couple breakouts keep you from doing all the things.

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