Sea Buckthorn Oil: Why it's my All-Time Favy

Lisa Bova

You probably know by now that I am OBSESSED with oils. I have an arsenal of them in my possession and use a myriad of them in Arcadian Winds Beauty products. I slather myself with oils on a daily basis; in my hair, on my skin and through internal consumption. I use them on my doggos for shiny healthy coats, and on my husband's knarley, heavily cracked dude feet. I would pretty much bathe in oil if it was at all financially feasible. I just cannot get enough of them, and while I get excited to discover new ones and try them out, none have ever, or ever will compare to my absolute favorite, sea buckthorn oil.

This gorgeous oil is not from anything having to do with the sea at all. It comes from a plant that is native to cold areas in Asia and Europe. There are a couple different species of this plant, but I'd like to speak on the
Hippophae rhamnoides L variety, as this is the subspecies that I work with in my products and adore. The oil can be extracted from either the seeds or the fruit pulp, and the composition of fatty acids varies greatly between the two. I prefer working with oil extracted from the fruit pulp, as this oil is markedly more nutrient dense. The pulp oil contains higher concentrations of Omega fatty acids and other actives ingredients that make this oil much richer in color than the seed oil, and also much thicker.

Let's talk Omega fatty acids because this oil contains a whopping FOUR Omegas. Omega fatty acids 3, 6, 9, and the rare Omega 7 are contained within this one oil. The berries are a beautiful orange color, and this is reflective of the high amounts of beta-carotene and mixture of other carotenoids. In addition to all the amazing Omega fatty acids and carotenoids, this lovely oil also contains loads of vitamins! Sea buckthorn is chalk full with Vitamin C, Vitamins B1,B2, and B6 as well as Vitamin A, which we know is the superstar vitamin in slowing down the aging process.

So what does this all mean for your skin? Pretty much that it's the best darn thing you could possibly get on it. The concentration of Omega fatty acids alone provide enormous benefits to skin in the way of blood circulation and oxygenation. Omega fatty acid 3 is known to bind epidermal cells, resulting in improving skin structure along with tone and texture. Omega fatty acid 6 can stimulate cellular regeneration and balance oil production. Sea buckthorn berries are Superfruits, and that means the potent Vitamin content gives this oil incredible anti oxidant properties, which is crucial for preserving youthful skin. In a nutshell, topically applied sea buckthorn oil deeply nourishes the skin and gives it practically everything that it needs.


Sea buckthorn oil is featured in Arcadian Winds Beauty's top selling Nourish LUXE Facial Oil. As indicated by the incredibly rich orange hue from those lovely carotenoids, this oil is loaded with goodness. Lightweight and fast absorbing, this oil is packed with heavy duty antioxidants and high end materials to combat aging. While absolutely perfect for dry skin due to it's slow evaporation rate and ability to retain precious moisture in the skin, this oil is surprisingly beneficial to those on the oilier end as well. In fact, incorporating oil into your daily routine can normalize and balance oil production, all but eradicating excess oil production caused by harsh cleansing or over exfoliation. Use as a nighttime treatment for positively glowing morning skin, or as your morning serum to relieve dry, tight and dull skin. The subtle scent of those sweet juicy berries mixes beautifully with Jasmine absolute and uplifting citrus.

Nourish for Face in normal/dry/mature also contains this kick ass oil in an impressive concentration. Unlike the anhydrous facial oil, this moisturizer is a water based and gives amazing hydration as a fast absorbing lightweight lotion. Organic Baobab oil and a host of other oils as well as glycerin will make this your go to daily moisturizer.

There is just something so luxurious and decadent about sea buckthorn oil, its scent, feel, and rich color. Beyond all the sensory delight this oil brings, it's in the skin benefits where it really shines. Mother Nature really out did herself with this plant, so get some on your skin and experience her wonderful gift to us.

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