Nourish LUXE Replenish: Your Spring and summer moisturizer

Lisa Bova

Discover the Black Label Collection's best selling moisturizer! This Hydrocharged powerhouse is a gel-cream facial moisturizer for ALL SKIN TYPES! I call this hydrocharged because it is an oil-free formula that drenches your skin with water and water soluble super humectants. Housed in super sturdy European Violet Glass that is leakproof, airproof and UV resistant. Oh, and REUSABLE!

Now, you guys know I love love love oils. In fact, I created Arcadian Winds Beauty's Nourish LUXE Facial Oil for incredibly selfish reasons-- to combat the painfully arid conditions here in Colorado. Recently, however, I decided to take a trip to visit my sissy in super duper sticky humid Florida. I packed up all my great products in cute little travel sizes and off I went. Welp, long story short, I didn't use a single skincare product while I was there. The moment I stepped into the Florida humidity my skin was practically dripping with moisture. The facial oil and oil rich moisturizers I wear on the daily in Colorado were the absolute last thing I wanted to put on my skin! This trip, and the realization I may have been neglecting skin in less arid climates was my inspiration for this brilliant new moisturizer. Nourish LUXE Replenish is for anyone looking for oil free moisture with a host of nutritive dense extracts. Perfect for those in humid or dry climates alike, as the water soluble humectants offer long lasting hydration. Oily and acne prone skin will appreciate the light gel-cream consistency and effortless absorbency, while dry skin will enjoy a slow evaporation rate of that precious moisture in the skin. Check out this video for application and additional info.

Now let's talk ingredients! Even though this moisturizer is oil free I wanted it to be packed with nourishing hydrating ingredients to impress even the driest of skin. N-Acetyl Glucosamine, or NAG is one the superstars of this formula. This ingredient is an amino sugar actually found in our skin, in the spaces between the cells, maintaining the skin's barrier abilities and reducing dryness. It can increase collagen production and the speed of wound healing. I also chose this winner for it's non-irritating skin exfoliating properties, gentle even for sensitive skin. Next up is Hydrolyzed Baobab. This is a protein extract from the seeds of the fruit that grows on the glorious baobab trees found in Africa. They are called the "trees of life" for good reason-they store huge amount of water in them despite harsh climates. That's great news for skin as it restores vitality and keeps it supple. Of course I had to add some sexy ingredients to keep that youthful appearance of yours in tip top shape. Centella Asiatica extract and Hydrolyzed Pumpkin seedcake both aid in collagen synthesis, while the pumpkin actually improves vitality and tone while smoothing the appearance of fine lines. Our very special friends Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 round out the heavy hitters in the moisturization department. Like a drink of water for your skin, these two ingredients get the hydration in and keep it in. Finally a cluster of humectants including mildly antiseptic organic honey extract, glycerin, and squalene round out the highly beneficial skin loving materials found in this skin drenching beauty.

As with all Arcadian Winds Beauty products, Nourish LUXE Replenish is 100% Naturally scented with beautiful Organic Blue Chamomile and several other pure Essential Oils for a subtle non lingering fragrance. No artificial colors, sulfates or mineral oil. If it's an oasis of moisture you seek and want to lighten things up a bit for the spring and summer then Nourish LUXE Replenish is for you.

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