Essential Fatty Acids for Skin: The Preservation of Youth with Facial Oils

Lisa Bova

When I was dreaming up the concept for my skincare line Arcadian Winds Beauty, I knew I wanted Essential Fatty Acids and rich oils to take center stage in the formulations. In my years as a practicing licensed Esthetician, I have used many professional skincare lines in the treatment room. So much of the time "technology" and "science" headlined the brands I retailed. While I loved the progressive ideology of these brands, I always longed to see shorter labels with recognizable ingredients that were more nutrient dense. I decided to create my own products that fit this bill, a union between effective skincare technology and the natural elements that skin craves. Thus gave way to Arcadian Winds Beauty, a marriage of gorgeous cold pressed and organic oils packed with essential fatty acids and top notch industry materials that have proven results in slowing down the aging process.

Being in the beauty industry for over 18 years has given me a front row seat to the latest advances and innovations in skincare. There will always be flavor of the month products that amass huge attention and some new ingredient that overnight becomes the darling of the industry. These constant new trends are the bright shiny new stars that diminish the light on some of our old favorites. Let's re-examine the awesomeness and simplicity of skin oils.

I became entranced with skin oils after taking a course in Eastern beauty many years ago before the resurgence of "natural" beauty. Once I experienced the incredible results of facial oils, I fell in love and never looked back. Oils have always been the nourishment my skin responds to the most, and topical Essential fatty acids have completely transformed everything about my skin. My once patchy and unpredictable skin has, for years now, been healthy, balanced and radiant. Facial oils are like multivitamins for your skin and every skin type deserves that kind of care!

We all know the benefits to our bodies supplied by essential fatty acids. Deficiencies in these crucial omega fatty acids can result in a host of ailments, and the same is true for our skin. I always recommended fish oil supplements for my acne prone skin clients, as conditions like acne and other inflammatory skin disorders can be linked to deficiency in these rich fatty acids. Additionally, essential fatty acids like linoleic acid play a huge part in the maintenance of epidermal integrity and the prevention of water loss in the skin, keeping it supple and hydrated. Our bodies do not produce these polyunsaturated fats by themselves, and we absolutely need them for healthy tissue and cell membranes. This is why topical application is just as important as absorbing these fatty acids through diet and supplements.

I understand the panic that oily and acne prone skin types experience when considering the use of topical oils, but I cannot stress enough the benefits to these skin types specifically. Unless it is internal variables that are causing skin imbalance (hormones, allergies), many oily and acne prone skin types experience an all too common cycle that goes as follows: in trying to eradicate the oily feel and appearance on the skin, many times harsh surfactants and super stripping "oil absorbing" ingredients such as benzyl peroxide or intense AHAs are used to combat the oil production. These ingredients may dry out the skin and send the sebaceous(oil) glands into over-drive producing excessive amounts of oil to the skin to compensate for all the surface oil being stripped away.

Applying oils topically helps to balance out oil production, in turn successfully alleviating this vicious cycle. I developed Nourish LUXE Facial Oil for those with this very issue as well as anyone wanting to improve most aspects of their skin. The light silicone acting oils and active botanical extracts I chose for this formula make it a fast absorbing and nutrient-dense powerhouse. Several omega fatty acids as well as super antioxidants Vitamin C and Elderberry extract will add moisture and vitality to all skin types. Oil concentrates such as this really shine when applied to damp skin or over top a water based serum, as the oil needs some water to interact with for maximum absorption.

We all know that moisture is the key to youthful looking skin. We see the emphasis of our little creases and crinkles on dry summer days when our skin is parched and desperate for hydration. Surface dehydration is very real regardless of how many glasses of water you drink per day. Getting beautiful oils on your skin will quench the thirst of dry dull skin with improvements not just seen but also felt. Facial oils offer balance to oily skin, relief to dry tight skin and healthy skin to us all.

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