Enzyme Power! Luminous skin is here with Nourish Radiance Facial Mask

Lisa Bova

We all love a good facial mask, am I right? Like serums, these formulas contain concentrated active ingredients that typically address a specific concern. In creating Arcadian Winds Beauty's first facial mask, I wanted to achieve skin radiance and luminosity.

The ingredient list of this mask is chalk full of high end actives and extracts. Kakadu plum extract, used in high concentration, is what gives skin it's natural lit-from-within glow. With a Vitamin C content 10X higher than oranges, Kadadu Plum has the highest Vitamin C content than any other fruit in the world! Vitamin C is the most essential antioxidant that slows down the aging process, not to mention it's reparative properties to compromised and sun damaged skin.

I wanted to incorporate mild exfoliation for fresh and silky skin. Enzymes are gentle skin resurfacers that act like little pac-men, chomping away at dead skin cells, dirt and debris from the surface of the skin. They do this non-chemically and non-abrasively making them gentle enough for most skin types. Unlike other acids, enzymes do not penetrate deeply into the epidermis, minimizing skin irritation. Once the surface debris is cleared away skin is left soft and smooth, perfectly primed for your other great skincare products to work better.

I chose sandalwood powder as another heavy hitter in this mask for it's antibacterial properties and gorgeous rich warm aroma. The slight warming sensation comes from the sandalwood, which is perfect for keeping skin clear and preventing breakouts on congested skin. Hyaluronic acid rounds out the formula offering incredible hydration, while willow bark extract and chamomile sooth and comfort.

Mild resurfacing, antioxidant protection and maximum hydration truly make this clean rinsing mask the perfect all in one! Check out all the other great ingredients and order Nourish Radiance Facial Mask today!

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