Autumn Skincare Shakeup: Layers for the Win

Lisa Bova

Ahhh September. Temperatures begin to drop and our favorite hoodies and light jackets re-emerge from the far corners of the closet. We know that late night dinner out will be a touch more comfortable with an extra layer close at hand. The onset of Fall is a transitional time for your skin, too. UV index is changing and humidity levels are dropping. As the cooler months approach, you will find your skin will appreciate those extra layers, as well. Drier air means less moisture retention and those lightweight gels and serums might need a little help to keep skin sufficiently hydrated.

Like the hoodies and jackets that re-emerge, so might your rich skin creams and oil concentrates that got tucked away during the summer. We feel the dryness increasing and begin to crave more moisture. Layering your existing skincare products will solve this issue without having to make new purchases.

Still have loads of that lightweight oil-free moisturizer left from summer? No need to swap it out for a heavier formula. Simply consider layering your nourishing oil concentrate serum underneath the moisturizer. The anhydrous formula will significantly slow the evaporation rate of skin moisture content, and the moisturizer will act as a sealant to lock it in. Maybe a water based serum was all your skin required for summer moisture. Continue to use that concentrated treatment and layer over it a nutrient dense creamy lotion loaded with essential fatty acids. Moisture will be super charged and longer lasting.

Shake things up even more by adding a gentle resurfacing agent once or twice a week. The hard work to improve our skin begins in the Fall when we can safely take on more aggressive exfoliation treatments. We can get away with this due to the sun's retreat, making Autumn the ideal season to begin polishing your skin with those retinols, scrubs, peels and enzymes. Adding this step during the cooler months will expedite cellular turnover, leaving skin smooth and even toned. The lack of surface debris and dead skin cells allows your great concentrates to go to work for you by getting to the epidermis rather than just lingering on top.

Maybe you spent the summer going straight to bed without treating your skin with night time nourishment because you just didn't need it. Re-acquaint yourself with night time regimen, as this is when skin is regenerating and the best time for treating it. Autumn mornings tend to leave our skin feeling a bit more parched and thirsty upon waking. Eliminate tight itchy morning skin by soaking up those lovely oil concentrates and creams before hitting the pillow. This is also the time to re-introduce yourself with your prescription strength retinol if you took the summer off from using it.

Try not to slack on your SPF usage. Even though that piercing summer sun has lessened it's blow, sun protection in the Fall is still a daily requirement, especially if engaging in aggressive exfoliation treatments. This makes our skin exceptionally vulnerable to any UV exposure, and can adversely effect any strides for improvement we may be making.

Taking advantage of skincare layering means keeping skin nourished and hydrated through the colder months. It means not waking up to dry depleted skin that emphases those little creases and crinkles due to surface dehydration. We love seasonal changes because we love to keep things fresh! Falling leaves mean shaking up our wardrobes, our makeup and even possibly our diets. Your skin appreciates a good shake up, too. Give your skin just that this September, and in return you will attain hydrated, balanced and radiant skin all season long.

How does your skin change when the seasons shifts? How does your routine change?

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